How it works?

What is contextual advertising? It is one of the most popular methods of advertising that exists on the Internet. Contextual advertising is an advertising banner or text ad in search engines or web pages, the way it looks – makes it clear, that this is exactly an advertising. Its effect is instantaneous! The downside is that you pay for every transition to your site.

Why is it better with us?

Analyzing competitors in the sphere of contextual advertising, we came to the conclusion that this service is represented in 90% of web-studios. In fact, only lazy people do not add it to the list of their services. Unfortunately, for most of our “colleagues” the success of an advertising company depends solely on the budget and the price of their services. In turn, we conduct only promising projects, due to the fact that our team is business-oriented. We, together with you, start to live your business, we develop it, we reduce expenses and increase profit, we regularly carry out the analysis and we put forward outstanding offers.

Our service in detail

Google AdWords

Launching and setting up an advertising company in Google, regularly working out all the indicators to increase ROI

Social advertisement

Working in conjunction with social networks, your advertising company will significantly reduce the cost of the client.

Analytics and audits.

Constant reporting of the company's efficiency, providing data on competitors and their activity

Scope of the company

With AW, you can get customers anywhere in the world, soon on Mars

Remarketing & Retargeting

Showing your advertisement on other resources to those users who have ever visited your site

Instant result

In contrast to any other advertising company, you will feel the effect of contextual advertising in the first 24 hours.

Brief overview of our work process:

  • Studying your business
  • Search for right keywords
  • Draw creative and catchy banners
  • Set up the plan for the company
  • Manage bids and track ROI
  • Optimize the key page and further develop it
  • Manage the company and bring you a profit