What and Why

Mobile marketing – promotion of goods and services using mobile technologies. According to statistics, about 40% of purchases on the Internet occur through mobile versions of sites or mobile applications. To attract these users to the ranks of their customers to any modern business, you need to pay attention to this type of marketing and advertising.

Our Services

SMS newsletter

The main purpose of SMS marketing is to get the client news, notifications of new promotions, discounts and sales from a certain company.

Messenger newsletter

One of the most promising and cheap directions in Mobile marketing. Promotion of products and services through advertising messages in Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype

Advertising in mobile apps

Attracting the attention of users to your resource, product, service through advertising in mobile applications

Does Mobile Marketing help users?

First, it helps to facilitate the purchase decision. For example, the click2call service allows you to immediately ask manager a question, sign up for a test drive, and order a delivery to your home. In banner advertising – this is a very popular feature.

Secondly, mobile marketing enables better understanding of the user audience and their distinctive habits. Let’s say you analyzed and understood that certain kind a coupon has great demand among your customers. In this case, you can prolong this marketing activity, perhaps even make more advantageous offer and connect the Push Notifications function – all this will ensure the sales increase and the success of the campaign!

7 main reasons why business needs SMM


  • Constant contact with the client
  • Fast communication
  • Building relationships with the client
  • Loyalty
  • Push notifications
  • Sales Increase
  • Stimulation of repeat sales